Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another February Post!

Great start to the day. My husband is going to Indiana for a week for a conference... so this morning I went out and had some Mommy time since I won't have any of that.. for a whole week.. Oh my.

So I started off and went to Kiwanis.

I found this awesome Masters of the Universe sheet.

And these adorable pots to plant some seeds in.

And I'm not sure if I'm going to use this for cooking or what, but I really love it.

I just love the old folks who run Kiwanis. A couple Grammas wrapped my breakables up for me, in old patterns. How cute.

Next I headed off to a mom-to-mom sale which was so awesome. I was thisclose to buying baby girl stuff. They had sooooooo much great stuff for baby girls. I found a few good things for Benny, but the boy stuff is always limited. And I found a great addition to a baby shower gift for only a quarter. And it still has the tags on.. Ohhh yah.

We painted a wall in the office, a beautiful blue color, it might be my favorite color in the whole world. I have before pictures to post, but I'm still waiting for James to hang a shelf so... the "after" pictures are still on hold. I did a lot of cleaning out of old crap I haven't used in years. I really like how it's all coming along.

So on to my week by myself. My sister's coming over to spend the night tonight, and we're going to meet up with my mom tomorrow so they can babysit while I get my hair cut. Yay. I need it so bad. I ran into an old friend today and I wanted to run and hide I felt so ugly. Not good.

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