Monday, June 7, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

I went to the local library book sale this past Saturday, and I just had to snag this 1970

"The Sesame Street Book of People And Things"

Ben actually really likes it, I'm surprised, cause it's kinda weird. It has a lot of story board panels, like watching the show actually. And 1970 Sesame Street was a lot different than the 2010 version. Cookie Monster was just "Monster"... Kermit was there, which I don't think he is ever on anymore. Maybe he was replaced by Abby, Zoe, and Elmo.

And how cool is this that Oscar was Orange?!

I have quite the vintage SS book collection accumulating.

I just love it :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St.Patty's Day 2010 {Toddler Style}

Ben and I invited friends over for a St.Patrick's Day get-together

It was so fun having everyone over! The planning was really fun too :)

We made a little garden basket and stuck some mini pinwheels in (they were supposed to be prizes for the kids to take home, but I forgot to mention it and no one did)

We had green apple (pear) sauce..
Lots of tulips..

Benny and I made little caterpillar decorations yesterday. It was really fun, and sticky. He liked those caterpillars a lot more than the real one we found outside today. I'm trying really hard not to give him my bug fears, but I REALLY hate caterpillars.

We had more of a rainbow theme than just green ( ya know, leprechauns and their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?.. my mom didn't get it either, she just thought we were having a gay pride party... Umm...

Rainbow streamers. rainbow cupcakes (that were really good, and really easy to make), and a rainbow fruit tray. :D

Too bad I didn't get a picture of the spread before we demolished it :)

It was a fun time for sure.

After nap Ben and I picked up some blue sand for the sandbox. I wish I could have gotten it before the party! It's so fun! We'll just have to have everyone over again!

2 Blog posts in 1 Day? Can I do it?

First off, I want to show my before and after shots of the office.


Yah. Wow. Nice mess.


We painted an accent wall, this beautiful blue and I am in love with... bought a new standing shelf (from Ikea, where else?) and

And over on the side wall I put up these chalk-board stickers that are SO awesome. I have a fun time sitting and doodling on them. :)

So there we go! Before and After!
Pretty awesome huh?
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday is here!

Man it's been a good week. Started out kinda shaky. Not sure if it was my hormones or what but I was a little teary for a few days. But I shook it off. We had a great rest of the week. Story time was Wednesday. Ben FINALLY did really good! Of course it was the last time we're meeting for a few weeks and spring story time will start up. But he got his own carpet square and sat by himself, he usually sits on my lap. He sang along to the songs! He followed along with all the activities! I was beaming with pride. I couldn't stop smiling. I was just so proud of him. He was finally comfortable and enjoyed himself. :)

We had plans to have a sleep-over at my mom's that night. So after nap we started on the drive out there. My sister had called to see when I was coming since they lock their doors and my mom wouldn't be home until 6:00... she said she would be there, but then called again RIGHT before we got there to tell me she went with her friend to go apply for job. Great Kelly. Good Job. Now what do we do?? We had about an hour to spare. Luckily the sun was shining so we drove over to the park, we drove around and looked at barns and cows, and then stopped uptown and had a doughnut. Ooooh yah. :)

James got home last night! And he brought me a super surprise! He bought me these great converses that I've been wanting for a while! Actually, I hadn't seen these before, gray with purple and green lining. Soooooo cute. But... he picked them out all by himself so they're the wrong size... lol, but I was able to exchange them at the Ann Arbor location. YAY! Ben got new shoes yesterday! Gotta love spring!! NEW SHOES!!
Even Blue likes them :)

James took my car when he went to Indiana, along with the mail keys! So first thing last night I dashed off to get the mail.. and WOO HOOO!!!! I got my etsy stuff!!!

I ordered a piece of vintage Mr.Men fabric from zwizzle

It's an odd shape, but I'm hoping I'll be able to cut it into perfect pieces and make a quilt from it.

I also ordered a stash of fabric pieces from beansupplies

I am so excited to finally put these together and make them into a quilt. Hopefully I can get my act together and finally learn how!!

At this point I have 3 quilts ready to be sewn. LOL!! That's a LOT when you don't know how to sew a quilt.

I also came across FleaMarket Style magazine while checking out some blogs online. I was going to order it right away, it looks so awesome. But after I got to the website I found out you can't order a subscription! I freaked out!! I tried to sign up to win a copy. But HA. Me? Win something?? Right... you have to have luck for that.

After my stop at the mail box last night I cruised over to Busch's to pick up a bottle of wine and some groceries and I thought, eh, I'll just look and see. AND THERE IT WAS! On the shelf in Busch's!!! I grabbed it and ran. Didn't even realize it was $9.99. Oops. I wouldn't normally pay that much for a magazine. ;)

Great week. Now it's Friday afternoon, the sun is shining once again. We had lunch with my mom today, did some last minute shopping for Brendan and Angie's baby shower tomorrow morning.

And you know, I think James and I actually needed that time apart. We are both so happy he's home ;)

Now.. time to enjoy the weekend :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

March is here! We've made it!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in Ben's room this morning, the sun was shining! And BRIGHT! It was a great start to the day. The snow and gloom has reeeeallly been wearing on me. Well, both of us I think. Ben has been feeling pretty good lately, but he's had some bad days the last few weeks, just feeling grumpy and antsy. Today when we were out on a shopping spree he was pointing to so many spring things, "Look Mommy! Birds!" "Berries on trees!" It was really cute. We're going downtown Ann Arbor tomorrow to meet Grandma Joan and Aunt Cee for lunch, it'll be nice to walk around town. Hopefully we have a little more sun.

After blueberry-strawberry pancakes we headed over to Gym America for some tumbling fun.

Of course he didn't want to leave and had a nice melt down, it was really fun having 35 parents stare at me... really? Like your kids never cry when it's time to leave a play place? Oh.

We ordered pizza for lunch, which was awesome, and short nap, then headed out on the town. I invited some friends over for a st.patty's day/spring party, and I am so excited that I went out and bought some party supplies today :) Ha! It's not for 2 weeks! Ah well, at least I'll be prepared :D

For Book Sharing Monday I wanted to share Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner, which I just picked up from Kiwanis over the weekend. I've seen this book around before, but never read it. Boy am I glad I grabbed it!

It is hilarious! I love the rhyming, the jokes, the voices you get to use while you read it. I'm not sure if Ben really understands the whole story, I have read it so many times now I have had the opportunity to try and explain to him that Skippyjon is pretending when he goes into his closet. It's such a cute book. Highly recommended.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another February Post!

Great start to the day. My husband is going to Indiana for a week for a conference... so this morning I went out and had some Mommy time since I won't have any of that.. for a whole week.. Oh my.

So I started off and went to Kiwanis.

I found this awesome Masters of the Universe sheet.

And these adorable pots to plant some seeds in.

And I'm not sure if I'm going to use this for cooking or what, but I really love it.

I just love the old folks who run Kiwanis. A couple Grammas wrapped my breakables up for me, in old patterns. How cute.

Next I headed off to a mom-to-mom sale which was so awesome. I was thisclose to buying baby girl stuff. They had sooooooo much great stuff for baby girls. I found a few good things for Benny, but the boy stuff is always limited. And I found a great addition to a baby shower gift for only a quarter. And it still has the tags on.. Ohhh yah.

We painted a wall in the office, a beautiful blue color, it might be my favorite color in the whole world. I have before pictures to post, but I'm still waiting for James to hang a shelf so... the "after" pictures are still on hold. I did a lot of cleaning out of old crap I haven't used in years. I really like how it's all coming along.

So on to my week by myself. My sister's coming over to spend the night tonight, and we're going to meet up with my mom tomorrow so they can babysit while I get my hair cut. Yay. I need it so bad. I ran into an old friend today and I wanted to run and hide I felt so ugly. Not good.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Here's another great book that we have received from

It's long! There's a story that goes along with learning the alphabet. It's a cute one. An oldie too. Older books always seem to be better.

We went to my Dad's for dinner last night, and on the way home Ben cried and cried, he ended up going to bed early. I thought it was a sugar crash, he didn't eat too much dinner and then had cheesecake, and then marshmallows. Ugh. But then this morning he woke up with a bad runny nose and a horrible cough. Poor baby.

So we haven't had the best day.

Hopefully it just lasts for a day like last time.